Gogoro Eeyo UK FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Since everyone’s proportions are different, we can’t recommend an exact minimum height but we generally say it’s around 5’4”. We can say more precisely that the minimum recommended inseam length for a rider is 30”. We have tested riders up to 6’3” on Eeyo 1. Please see What seatpost length should I choose below to find the correct size based on your inseam.

That depends on your inseam length. Because people’s proportions are different, we recommend choosing a seat post according to your inseam instead of your height. To accurately measure your true inseam (which is different than your pants inseam) without special tools, please consult this video. Although we can make some rough generalizations about which seatpost you should choose by your height, it’s not as accurate.

xs s m l xl
Seatpost length (mm)160190220250280
Inseam range (inches)3030 - 3131 - 3232 - 3333 - 34
Inseam range (cm)76 - 7777 - 8080 - 8383 - 8686 - 89

In order to create space inside the frame for you to comfortably carry Eeyo, the seatpost can’t extend below the frame, like it does on most bikes (where it’s usually inside another tube). So to accommodate the widest possible range of heights, we offer several seat post lengths.

The maximum recommended weight for a rider is 215 pounds (98 kg).
Absolutely. If you’re into bikes, we know you’re going to want to customize your Eeyo. From the pedals to the stem, everything on Eeyo 1 is compatible with standard components.

Eeyo 1 will provide electric assist up to 15.5mph in the UK & Europe and 19mph in the US. Eeyo 1 allows riders to pedal faster than that, but cannot provide any power to the motor once you exceed these limits.

According to UK regulations the electric pedal assist disables once the Eeyo 1 exceeds 15.5mph (or 19mph in U.S.). Previously the assist did not reactivate until the speed dropped to below 7.5mph, however the latest App update means that the assist will now reengage once the road speed drops to 12.5mph (or higher if battery has over 30% charge).

We know you bought an Eeyo to have fun, which is why the Eeyo Smartwheel defaults to Sport mode. You have access to all the power and speed Eeyo is capable of - in proportion to your effort. The harder you pedal, the more Eeyo assists you. The same is true for Eco Mode, but your Smartwheel will not provide as much power or speed, in order to use less battery.

The Eeyo app is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The iOS app requires OS 11 or higher. The Android App requires OS 6 or higher, we recommend using a phone with at least 1080p resolution.

The Eeyo app is required to unlock the Smartwheel, lock the wheel manually and to change assist modes. Once unlocked, the app is not required to operate the wheel until the Smartwheel is locked again, which can occur without phone use either because auto-lock is turned on or because the Smartwheel has been charging.

All the tools you need to do this are included in the box. Eeyo 1 is simple to assemble. You only need to turn and tighten the handlebars (stem), install the front wheel, and screw in the pedals.

Eeyo is shipped almost fully assembled and adjusted. In addition to the bike, the box includes all the tools you need to finish assembly, the Portable Charger, lights and a reflector kit. Eeyo 1s also comes with a mini tire pump.

Batteries go through charging cycles and as a result will naturally discharge over time, so no e-bike battery will last forever. Eeyo is covered for 80% capacity upon the 3rd anniversary or charge of up to 500 full cycles, whichever comes first. This is the minimum battery capacity you can expect from an Eeyo, but there are ways you can maintain the health and prolong the life of your battery

• Charge the battery to 100% at least once a month. The Eeyo App has protection mechanisms in place to help prevent overcharging the battery.

• Regularly charge the battery when you are not using your Eeyo for prolonged periods of time (we recommend once a month as a minimum) and aim to maintain your charge at a minimum of 50%; a battery that is completely empty discharges the quickest.

• Charge your Eeyo indoors in a dry location at room temperature.

• Do not expose the battery to very high temperatures (above 25°C ) or very cold temperatures (below -10°C) for prolonged periods.

• Avoid overcharging your Eeyo. Quick click charging means it only takes 2.5 hours to go from 0% -100%.

• Only use a Gogoro Eeyo™ charger.

• Connect the charger to the wall outlet before connecting it to your Eeyo - this will help preserve the battery life.

• Plug and unplug the charger connector vertically and gently - applying excessive force on the connector at an improper angle may damage the hardware.

• Do not expose the battery to excessive direct water contact.

Once your bike has shipped to you, we offer a 14 day hassle-free return policy on all non-final sale goods. We stand behind our products 100% and if you aren’t entirely satisfied, send them back. Please return Eeyo in the original packaging, you are responsible for shipping and any other associated costs. Bicycles marked as final sale carry a full warranty, however, are not eligible for return. See our full returns policy within our terms & conditions.

Eeyo’s frame and fork have a 5 year warranty. Transmission and assembly have a 3 year warranty. All other components including charger, are covered by a 2 year warranty. The battery is covered for at least 80% of maximum capacity for 2 years or up to 500 full charge cycles, whichever comes first. See our full warranty.

Yes. Any time before you receive a shipping confirmation, you can contact us for a full refund.