Smart from scratch

The Eeyo Smartwheel was designed by Gogoro from the ground up instead of pulling from existing technology. It brings the motor, battery and sensors together into one incredibly smart and lightweight wheel.

two people riding eeyo electric bikes

Effortless rides

The harder you pedal, the more Eeyo Smartwheel helps out. The integrated torque sensing system measures every pedal stroke and delivers the exact power you need.

eeyo ebike application

An intelligent & streamlined app

The app looks and feels simple, while providing the control you want with just a swipe.

Multiple assist modes

Swipe to choose how much assistance you'd like. From none to supercharged Sport mode.

assist modes

Choose what you see

Eeyo's streamlined display is designed to keep you focused on your ride. Customize what information you see and which of those gauges gets the prime position.

multiple dashboard views

Apple Watch app

Control Eeyo right from your wrist and see all your ride information. With an Apple Watch® you can leave your phone in your bag and still use all of your Eeyo's features.

watch application animated gif

Auto lock*

The Eeyo Smartwheel locks itself after it has been parked for a few minutes. We are making sure no one but you rides off into the sunset on your Eeyo.

animated gif of lock

New features on the horizon.

Ride without power

Turn Eeyo off without locking the Smartwheel, or lock it. It’s your choice.

Range estimation

Get real-time feedback on how much further you can ride before recharging.

Improved notifications

Alerts are more helpful with a new charging reminder and notification sounds.

Make every ride count

Sync your ride stats with Google Fit™ or Apple® Health apps.

Eeyo 1 colors and accessories may vary from the models shown here.

Apple Watch® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

* When Eeyo locks itself, it uses the motor to make riding very difficult. Owners should always take additional measures to protect their bike when parked.